Valve Repairing

Proper performance of different industrial valves in heavy duty situation with high pressure fluid and corrosive particles are directly related to the accurate geometrical dimensions of valve parts .Using parts with incompatible dimensions causes some defects such as leakages, which leads the valve to the improper operation .

Considering all the above mentioned, we have decided to design and manufacture some machines as a line for modifying and repairing the valves.

This line is a combination of milling, grinding and lapping machines.

There are some defects like inter-granular crevice, erosion, fretting on the valve’s core which are modified by cladding. Cladding on valve’s core is a well-known method.

Applying compatible fillers with correct execute method and high inspection on weld metal and surface penetration are very essential.

So we are busy with the final steps of manufacturing a semi automotive welding machine with the capability of welding in spherical, cylindrical and Cartesian coordinates.

Our special grinding machine working under two different methods with 3 degree of freedom and adjustable rotational speeds.


In lapping process beside of using special grinding material 3 degree of freedom movement is really essential for reaching the final surface roughness.

Since many large of the large balls have directly faced with corrosive fluids using of protective coats are seems essential.

The thickness of electro-less nickel plating are more uniform than electro-deposition coating. So they are more suitable for different valve’s part with complicated features. as a general rule nickel electro-less  nickel plating operation used to increase the adhesion, hardness and abrasive resistance.

An accurate system is control the acidity and solution temperature in our designed vessels.

Based on turbulent and vortical flow characteristic in homogenizing of temperature and acidity.

We have used fluid turbulent/vortex generator technique in our electroplating vessels.

To insure the performance of designed vortex generators, we have simulated them via  computational fluid dynamics simulation softwares.

Another important characteristic of our electroplating system is the accurate control on temperature  and heat transfer  rate on the coating  working fluid.