Ball valves

Ball valves consist of hemisphere-shaped hatch on the one side of valve that open and close the path of fluid with 90 degree rotation.

The advantages of the ball valves consist of proper sealing, useful lifetime, and quickly opened/closed and low pressure drop at the fluid path. Also these valves are proper for the fluids that need fully opened or closed (Normally open-close).

Shakhes Sanat Pars engineering company is able to perform all engineering design services, reverse engineering, installing and supplying of raw material of various valve types. With classifying of valves based on engineering and processing, ball valves in very large dimension has used in natural gas industries, LNG, petroleum and petrochemical product transition lines.

Accurate experiments and superior after sales services lead to Shakhes Sanat Pars transforms to the best supplies (components, restructuring and manufacturing) of ball valves in Iran.                                                                                   










Abilities in ball valve field:

1- Required field research and refer to the petroleum and gas sites

2- Preparation of standards and technical specifications and reverse engineering

3- Restructuring, manufacturing and repairing of ball valves of petroleum, gas and petrochemical industries at medium up to large sizes (16″ to 56″)

4- Spherical lathing with 0.01 mm accuracy (16″ up to 56″)

5- Special coatings and nanotechnological processes contains chrome carbide and tungsten carbide

6- Spherical-surfaces grinding with very high surface hardness

7- Manual and auto finishing processes (surface preparing)

8- Assembly-disassembly, controlling test and preparation of certificate

9- Manufacturing of different spare components of ball valves such as: seat rings, stem, gearbox and body

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