orbit valves

Orbit valves were classified as ball valves. Orbit valves technology provides valves with high durability and long performance and safety. The most important advantage of orbit valves is lack of contact between metal to metal, so that these valves are proper for opening/closing of frequent cycles.

Shakhes Sanat Pars engineering company is able to perform all engineering design services, reverse engineering, installing and supplying of raw material of various valve types. Providing of required researches and information by used of petroleum and gas site archives, providing of standards and so on lead to Shakhes Sanat Pars transform to the best supplies (components, restructuring and manufacturing) of ball valves in Iran.


Abilities in orbit valve field:

1- Required field research and refer to the petroleum and gas sites

2- Preparation of standards and technical specifications and reverse engineering

3- Restructuring, manufacturing and repairing of orbit valves of petroleum, gas and petrochemical industries at different sizes (2″ to 16″)

4- Spherical lathing with 0.01 mm accuracy (to 16″ and upper if required)

5- Manual and auto finishing processes (surface preparing)

6- Assembly-disassembly, controlling test and preparation of certificate

7- Manufacturing of different spare components of orbit valves such as: core, bonnet, stem, body and seat rings

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