Compressors are one of the most important rotating machines at industry. The main task of compressors (compressing of fluid) were performed by impellers.

Impellers should have high strength and dimensional accuracy. So manufacturing of impellers with high quality and accuracy, need to having of technical knowledge and using of accurate equipments.

Shakhes Sanat Pars engineering company is able to perform all engineering design services, reverse engineering, installing and supplying of raw material of various impellers were used at compressors and pump special amine pump Recirculation.

Abilities in impeller field:

1- Manufacturing of various types of impellers for compressors and turbines

2- Reverse engineering and providing of technical specification for various types of impellers (providing of cloud of points, 3D models, tolerance engineering maps and motion analysis at CATIA software)

3- Manufacturing and reverse engineering various types of special impellers with high speed rotation and were used in special materials and superalloys

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