sulfur granulation

Granulation is process that molten sulfur transforms to globe or granule with certain grain.

Rotoformer granulation were used for providing of sulfur, sulfur-bentonite and sulfur derivatives.

Advantages of granulation by using of rotoformer method

1- Transforming of liquid to solid in one stage

2- Simple process

3- Process without needing to cleaning, screening, recycling or grinding

Shakhes Sanat Pars engineering company is able to perform all engineering design services, reverse engineering, installing and supplying of raw material of rotoformer lines, mitering bar and consuming component sets of plastic at rotoformer lines.










Abilities in sulfur granulation field:             

1- Surveying of storage and transportation problems of sulfur as bulk at petroleum and gas cites

2- Following of required components for sulfur rotoformer line from refineries

3- Providing of technical specification

4- Manufacturing of sulfur granulation line with rotoformer system

5- Manufacturing of rotary granulation machine (portable and fixed)

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